Solutions - For Professionals


We serve a range of professionals, helping them to serve their clients better.


These include:

  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Third party wealth managers

We provide a variety of solutions with one common denominator: an adviser who works hard to represent the interests of clients.


Helping you to chart the right path for your clients


Helping you to chart the right path for your clients. We understand the importance of connecting with clients. The services we offer to professionals can help you do just that. It starts with sitting down with you, to ascertain what you are looking for. We look to:

  • Agree clear parameters to govern our working relationship. This means understanding your concerns and requirements, as well as those of your clients.
  • Give you a dedicated point of contact. A professional of the highest calibre, who acts as your conduit to the full range services provided by BIA Financial Planning.
  • Offer a choice of service to suit you and your clients – from a broad range of wealth management solutions, to something more narrowly defined.
  • Provide continuity – in our experience, a prerequisite for any intermediary looking to introduce clients with confidence.

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