Protecting your assets with the correct mix of insurance solutions.


Death & Illness Cover


How much capital is required to provide an income sufficient to live on, in the event that the worst happens to the primary earner in the family? Is cover in place to provide this? Are all loans protected and what happens if they are unable to work due to a long term illness or injury? The right levels of cover vary with age and circumstance. We help clients to review existing levels of cover and to ensure their loved ones are well provided for.


Key People


Most businesses insure physical assets such as premises and machinery, but the same is often not true in relation to the key individuals that generate value within a firm. We help our clients to assess the levels of cover required and to select the appropriate solutions.




Corporate shareholdings and related governance aspects can become complicated in the event of the death of a co-director. We will ensure that the correct legal agreements are implemented, with insurance policies to help provide a source of capital for share purchase.


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