Business Planning


Helping with the accumulation and extraction of business wealth in a tax efficient manner.


Property Purchase


An interesting use for Directors’ pensions can be to purchase a property from which the company can operate. This can offer benefits in terms of reducing the need for loans, tax advantages, and a rental income stream increasing the value of the pension fund.


Employee Welfare


Businesses run more smoothly and profitably when they have a loyal and committed workforce. Protecting employees during their working lifetime and assisting them in their retirement goes a long way towards this. We can help achieve the best value solutions from the available budget.


Retirement Planning


Experience has shown that clients with self-invested options on their pensions tend to build up larger funds than those with normal insurance arrangements. Whichever route is chosen, however, an appropriate funding programme is essential, together with regular reviews to check progress. The correct investment strategy is essential and this will need to be reviewed and potentially amended over time.




If the shares in a company are not traded on a recognised exchange, who will buy them? How will this be financed and who will decide on the value? We can advise on alternatives to a straightforward sale, which may enable the shareholder or their family to receive the anticipated proceeds in a different format.


Exit Plan


Should the head of a business leave on a particular date, or should their departure be staggered over a period of time? We can advise on the best route, ensuring the appropriate level of retirement funds are in place and facilitating the release of wealth held in shares. Good planning will lead to an enjoyable and financially sound retirement.


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