A business built around people, not products or processes.


Gather together highly experienced, entrepreneurial client advisers.
Make them stakeholders in the business, each invested in its success.
Grant them the autonomy to serve clients with minimal bureaucracy, maximum creativity.
Set them free to work with passion and agility.


Setting client advisers free to serve clients as best they can.


Fundamentally, our success is based on getting things right for our clients. This simply would not be possible without our Client Advisers.


High quality professionals are attracted to BIA by the controlled freedom to run their own business, with the usual irritants to a wealth manager’s daily life (bureaucracy, sales targets, internal politics) eliminated. The result: more time for your clients, and for running your business.


We develop our business by offering clients a level of service they expect and deserve. We are constantly on the look-out for new advisers, and offer them a wide range of services, combined with strong technical back-up and streamlined administration.


If this is of interest, why not…




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